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The Union Bank

There were many stories related by the older citizens of Avoyelles Parish, describing the ways in which they would put away their cash. One story is told of one person boring a deep hole in the leg of a chair, and slipping in it rolls of bills, then propping the front door with the chair, after, of course, sealing or placing a stopper in the hole.

Another tells of a person keeping two thousand five hundred dollars in a basket under the bed to lend a friend who, after the Civil War, had to sell half of his plantation to pay the debt.

It is believed that many buried their money for safety. Many fantastic stories were told in regard to buried treasures and much time was wasted digging for supposed treasures, in the not so very remote past.

When the first bank was opened in Avoyelles, there were some to whom the idea was so novel that they refused to deposit their money in it, believing it was much safer at home or in the old hiding place.

The Union Bank was established on Saturday, September 3, 1910 and had capital stock of $25,000.

Marksville's main street was first noted as "Grand Chemin" (or large road) on old surveys during Marc Eliche's (the founder of Marksville) day, having been part of an ancient Indian trail that ran the length of the state. Main Street was later located along the road from Natchitoches to New Orleans.

During the Stock Market crash and the Great Depression of the later 1920's, The Union Bank survived and even flourished. In 1935, The Union Bank absorbed the Marksville branch of the Avoyelles Trust and Savings Bank of Bunkie, Louisiana. By 1941, there were three banks left in the parish of Avoyelles.

During the post-World War II, G.I.'s swept the entrenched town administration out of office and brought in slot machines to generate revenue. The mayor of Marksville during this time and his young city council made national headlines in 1950 as Marksville flourished off the receipts of the "one-armed bandits." The town paid off a new city hall and a fire truck, and lowered taxes. However, an order from the District Attorney forced the sheriff and town marshal to seize and destroy the machines.

In 1951, the then Mayor of Marksville, started the well known tradition of Easter Egg Knocking and has remained a tradition to this day. Each year, hundreds gather on Easter Sunday morning to compete for the prize of having the hardest egg. Some folks say that Easter Egg Knocking represents the opening of Jesus Christ's tomb on Easter Sunday.

Marksville is a Louisiana State Historic Site and is featured as such on the State of Louisiana home page.

The bank, through strong customer relations, is growing and has opened branches throughout the area:

  1. Its first branch on Tunica Drive in Marksville was opened on August 3, 1974.
  2. On March 3, 1986, our Hessmer branch was opened.
  3. On January 23, 1993, our Bunkie branch was opened.
  4. On July 20, 2000, our Alexandria branch was opened.
  5. On April 24, 2003, our Pineville branch was opened.
  6. On June 16, 2007, our Moreauville branch was opened.

The Union Bank is dedicated to sound customer service and carries a proven record of customer relationships. We are Your Bank and we are always looking for ways to better serve you. We have gone through several upgrades in technology and services that you have come to expect from Your Bank.