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Protecting Your Business Against Employee Fraud

Financial fraud and theft have become an increasing threat to many small businesses. The Union Bank remains committed to helping you protect yourself and your business against losses. In addition to relying on the bank's internal security measures and procedures, you can implement these valuable tips to keep your money safe.

Always monitor your employees. Screen new hires carefully and train them accordingly. Separate accounting responsibilities, making payables and receivables processing different work positions.

Protect all accounting documents by locking away check stock, signature equipment, invoices and critical account information. Monitor the movement of employees, vendors and contractors in and out of your offices. Update signature cards and systems access whenever personnel or procedures change.

Review and revise accounting processes periodically to ensure that they meet your company's needs. Exercise due care in drafting and preparing checks and other withdrawal instruments. Maintain separate accounts for payables and receivables to eliminate the payment of fraudulent invoices. Sweep or transfer extra funds into a savings account when not needed - earn interest and keep this money safe. Explore the availability of fraud-reduction tools. For example, you may choose to switch to electronic-based products and accounting methods.

Conduct audits of various check-control duties. Reconcile and monitor account activity frequently. Examine bank statements punctually. Failing to do so may result in the company bearing liability for loss.

Contact your business insurance provider and review your business insurance policy to determine if it provides coverage for employee dishonesty.

Finally, report losses promptly. The bank can take action after you report any unauthorized payments due to counterfeiting, forgeries and alterations.